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Google Glass Returns to Production

A recent production of Google Glass has become a recent topic in the technology industries day-to-day conversation. The first model was cancelled in 2015 due to the many errors and potential health problems caused by the technology being worn on the head. Followed by the cancellation of the first model, a lot of research was being developed to improve the quality and design of the new eyewear. Some models can even be produced with the prescription lenses in them for those already wearing glasses.


As of this year the glasses began producing rapidly for primarily business use, but also for personal users. The battery life, processor, and overall efficiency of this product has been incredibly improved.

So what exactly do these new nerdy glasses do anyway? Here are just a few of the ways the new Google Glasses can be used:


Get all the reminders, phone call alerts, etc. on the futuristic looking display with hands-free access. Don’t miss a thing with the updates provided by this new technology.

Pictures and Videos

Take pictures and videos from eye level with the 5 MP camera capable of capturing 720p HD video.


With the GPS and internet availability, weather from your area can be found quickly using the Google Glass eyewear.


Voice Activation

Hands sticky, wet, or just dirty? Try using voice activation to use functions that would usually require you to use your hands for.

Business Purposes

Whether you are on the move or hands are busy, these glasses can help make work easier. Get updates and other functions to help make the job a little easier.


Use this technology to access things like Facebook and Twitter in a way you’ve never experienced before.

With this return of technology day-to-day tasks can be performed with ease. Who knew that so many tasks could be performed without the use of our hands? With the popularity of this new technology growing, the new uses and developments will continue to grow with each new pair that is produced.



15 Ways to Make Money Online

Summer is nearing an end. This means school for some of us, and work for others. Making money online seems like a dream for most of us, but it doesn’t have to be. This list provides some practical ways that everyone can make some money online. And who knows, maybe you’ll be so successful you don’t have to ever get a real job!

Take SurveysimagesGOK5UYI4

This is probably the most popular and easy way to make money. Some of the website I’ve used are OpinionOutpost, MySurvey, and MyPoints. Surveys are a great way to make money, but nothing that I would personally suggest because they take long periods of time and effort to acquire much money.

Create a BlogimagesP6KGT03A

It may seem like a daunting task, but with all the free website creators and tools available creating a blog is much easier. It will take some time, but with a little effort you could become very successful. Blogs such as the Huffington post make over $2,000,000 per month! That’s over $24,000,000 in one year! With a bit of patience and determination you could start making a profitable business too!

Sell Stuff on Amazon or Ebay1200x630bb[1]

Any old clothes, shoes, video games or toys laying around your room? Not only would it help you clean out some space in your bedroom but it could also help you make some money. Try using websites like Amazon, EBay, or Craigslist that are popular to get rid of that old junk you have piling up. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial to get an increased number of sales and to save on shipping costs for the products needed for your business!

Publish EBooksimagesVXAZ59BL

Are you a creative thinker? Do you love to write? Maybe writing and selling EBooks is for you! Who knows maybe your the next biggest name in the writing industry. Give it a try!


Create a WebsiteimagesB3IGEQV8

It’s not as hard as you think, trust me! I searched for a long time trying to find a simple way to create a website to begin my own blog. To be completely honest I did create it with the intent to eventually make some money, but I can assure you it has been a very rewarding experience! It has always been always a seemingly impossible dream to me, but I’ve turned it into a reality! I have my first website now and I can honestly say that it’s much easier than I would have ever imagined. It does take time to become popular, but just go for it! The earlier you start the better because you have more time to grow your business and find companies willing to advertise on your site.


Many already know about YouTube and the potential profits you can make. I have never actually used this platform to try to create a business, but let me tell you that I’ve always considered it. With the popularity of YouTube continually growing, the popularity of channels continue to grow as well. You can almost be guaranteed to make money off YouTube as long as you continue to post videos that will attract people to your channel.

Design Appsimages2ZLEXYT5

Did you know that there are over 700,000 apps on both iOS and Android? You can find an app for just about anything today. Things like bottle flippers, fidget spinners, several forms of social media, are all on the app store. I’ve just begun app development and it’s really cool to see your designs come together on the screen. Either through adds, or paid gameplay you can make some SERIOUS cash.

Sell Your Time and Talents


Are you an amazing artist, or an incredible writer? Use your special gifts to make a little extra money. Try creating some of your special products or designs and selling them off another site to get started. If this makes you money, try creating your own personal site also to sell on. Making your creations personal and original will get you more sales, and increased interest for your business.


Pictures and VideoWoman Girl Taking Photo Camera Canon Person Lens

“That’s an amazing picture!” ; have you heard this before? Consider selling stock photos online or creating videos. It can be both fun, and profitable!



Share KimagesH1ZOBJ6Enowledge

Having a lot of knowledge in particular areas can also be particularly useful. You can actually find companies that will pay you to answer people’s questions or where you can actually be paid to have live discussions with people in need of answers. This could include working for a popular blog answering comments or emails. Whatever it may be, it is a bit harder to find these opportunities. However, with a little persistence you’ll be successful in no time.


Affiliate Marketingaffiliate-marketing[1]

Affiliate Marketing is by far one of the most popular ways today to make money today. It does require a great deal of effort, but with some determination it can be very rewarding. All it takes is one person to click on you links and you could start earning money. I actually have started using affiliate links on my site to test how it would work. In my opinion this is probably the best way to make money online. This is because you can literally advertise anything after being accepted into an affiliate program and potentially make money. Some ways to make money through an affiliate program include pay-per-click and pay-per-sale. Pay-per-click is for someone whos clicks on an ad and is taken to another site to which the affiliate program is through. Pay-per-sale is when someone buys the product that the links send them to. Affiliate marketing is continuing to grow, and is a great way to begin making money online.

diy-rainbow-crafts-ideas[1]Crafts and Handmade Items

Are you the one always creating the cutest decorations or crafts for parties? Test the market and try selling your cool crafts! People who knit, sew, or have any sense of creativity could have the potential to make a profitable business.

Freelance WriterimagesMYGT1BF8

I cannot stress to you enough how appreciative the people are who pay to have someone write for them. It saves them time, and a lot of effort that businesses could be spending elsewhere. This is also why many freelance writers make a lot of money. Large corporations don’t have the time to keep up with all the writing, advertising, website maintenance, etc. themselves so they hire determined writers that can do the work for them. If you have a passion for writing this would be my first suggestion for you.

23019070e9c19bff3b45f42b86741a137efdd966[1]Customized Clothing

Are you the type of person that likes to keep up with the latest styles? Maybe your the one that is supposed to create it! Clothe businesses may be hard to start, but with a little money and time you could be the next biggest clothing line.

Online Tutoringimages94KRW3FB

Being an online tutor is another great way to make money. If you have exceptionally good knowledge in even just one subject you could make a great online tutor. There are many people out there willing to pay to have a great tutor.


My Dream

Hi, and thank you for viewing the very first blog post to this page! It’s been an incredible journey in learning to create and design a website.

It’s always been a huge dream of mine to publish a website and I’m super excited for what the future has in store. I aspire to be an inspiration to all who view my page. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to contact me. If you have any suggestions or requests for my next blog posts don’t hesitate to email me.

On this site I will further explore technological advancements, cool gadgets, and much more! I hope you will join me in this pursuit for increased knowledge about the technology industry.


Did you know that the average computer user blinks seven times per minute, but the normal amount is twenty times per minute?

Did you know email existed before the World Wide Web?

Neither did I, but I hope to continue to pursue my passion for technology. I will also do some requested product reviews and demos once the number of followers increase on this page. Thanks again for being a part of my dream, and I hope you find everything interesting on this page.